Updates to LDS data on the JRI-Poland database #poland


Recently the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland updated our database with
additional data and image links to the LDS Data on the database.

Updates, additions and/or image links were added for the towns of Annopol,
Bogoria, Brieg, Grajewo, Jablonka, Klimontow, Lezajsk, Lomza, Lutomiersk,
Nowogrod, Ostrzeszow, Wysokie Mazowiecki and Zambrow

Special thanks to the tireless work of our volunteers who made this

Thank you to:

Nicole Heymans, Yehuda Eisenberg, Howard Fink, Mordechai Knoblewicz, Roger
Lustig, Robinn Magid, Madeleine Okladek, Michael Tobias and Steve Zedeck.

Special thanks to our friend Haim Ghiuzeli, Director of the Beit Hatfutsot
database Department, for his continued support.

Hadassah Lipsius
On Behalf of the Board of JRI-Poland

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