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My grandfather emigrated >from post-war Poland to the US in 1921, and came
through Southhampton as your grandfather did. I have traced my
grandfather's journey through various records. He traveled by train >from a
village near Lwow (now Lviv Ukraine) to the Polish port of Gdansk (then
called Danzig) on the Baltic. He then traveled on the Steamer "Smolensk"
from Danzig to London where he was admitted as a "Transit under Bond"
passenger. The ship to America departed 4 days later, so he would have
stayed in the UK for those days. I'm not sure how the British authorities
kept tabs on those passengers during their temporary stay in the UK, but I
have stories of his amazement at seeing the sights of London, so he wasn't
totally sequestered.

Mike Schwartz


Subject: Missing ships record

From: Jonathan Jacobs <jonathan.jacobs@...>

Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2017 23:33:44 -0400

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I have a grandfather that came to America and arrived on 26 Oct 1923.

The ships manifest says that he is Polish and it lists the port of departure
as Southampton. I am given to understand that usually people traveling from
Europe (aka Poland and other places) stop off in England. Whether it is for
an hours or months. I am wanting to know what the usual starting port would
be? I know there is a big port in Hamberg, Germany, but is there a big port
in Poland that he would have gone to?

Jonathan Jacobs

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