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Mark Halpern

The Jewish Community in Bialystok and surrounding towns are represented
by Lucy Lisowska and her organization Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej
Polska - Izrael (rough translation is Center for Citizenship Education
Poland - Israel). This organization is the face in Northeast Poland for
all diaspora Jews with ancestry >from this area. One of their annual
events for the last ten years has been the Zachor Jewish Culture
Festival, which just concluded in Bialystok.

The Facebook page,

or search for Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej Polska - Izrael, is less
than one month old and provides a photographic review of the Zachor
festival. The Facebook page is in Polish. Use the Chrome browser and its
translate capability to read the text.

The Zachor festival was a great success and most of the credit goes to
Lucy Lisowska. I am proud that my cousin Yaron Gershovsky, a son of
Bialystok, was the main entertainment attraction on the final night of
the Festival.

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Mark Halpern

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