Translation requests - please specify language #poland

Nicole Heymans <Nicole.Heymans@...>

Hello to all SIGgers,

Please be kind to the siggers who are willing to spend time
deciphering and translating records >from Poland. As a consequence of
the several partitions of Poland, these records come in several
languages and as many handwritings depending on the location and even
period (Polish - latin, German - Altschrift, Russian - Cyrillic).

Recognizing the language and writing is far much less of a challenge
than deciphering and translating. Paragraph-type records (often in
Polish and Russian) usually begin with the same words, recognizable
even if unreadable. Table-type records (usually in German) have
standard column headings in recognizable fonts.

It would be kind to the decipherers and translators, if the posters
specified language in the subject of their message. It doesn't really
matter whether the poster is certain the specified language is
correct - if not some siggers will chime in and eventually there will
be an agreement.

I admit I tend to ignore translation requests that do not specify language.

Happy hunting nevertheless,

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

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