tina levine

I was told by my mother in law that none of her family survived the holocaust.
While searching on a genealogy website today I found a gentleman with
the same surname as her and >from the same town in Poland (Zwolen, near
Radom.) Now I'm wondering if they might have been cousins.

Her parents were Isaak and Feiga Weintraub.
The gentleman's name was Josef Weintraub, >from Zwolen Poland, born 1922
to Shulem and Malka, nee Zeidenbaum. He immigrated to Sao Paulo, Brazil
in 1946 >from Italy.

Anyone have suggestions for searching his descendants to see if there
is a link to my mother-in-law's family?

Tina Pachter Levine

Searching: Weintraub >from Zwolen, Poland

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