Bridge To Poland Pre-IAJGS 2018 trip to Krakow, Lublin and Warsaw #poland

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Announcing the Bridge To Poland Pre-IAJGS 2018 trip to Krakow, Lublin
and Warsaw:

If you want to delve deep into Jewish history in Poland and be moved
by how that history is being remembered by non-Jews;

If you are interested in a broad and deep story of Jewish Poland, a
story that includes hope;

If you want to go beyond a typical Jewish Heritage Tour;

If you want to meet with the highest caliber guides, academics and
artists engaged in "memory work;"

Then join me, Leora Tec, July 28-August 4 for a Bridge To Poland small
group study tour to Krakow, (Chmielnik) Lublin and Warsaw

Visit Bridge To Poland's website or email me at: leora [at]
bridgetopoland [dot] com to find out more. Early bird offer expires in

A Couple of Testimonials:

"Leora is amazing. Her level of organization and attention to detail
was SO impressive. She also clearly cared very much about the
experience that each one of us was having and that made a big
difference. Asking us all for input at various times was really
important and showed her strength as a leader. She is also very
sensitive, which to me was invaluable on this trip, given the
emotions I was having about my family and about being Jewish.

Meeting all the people that were memorializing Jewish life in Poland
was a superb experience. They were so warm and welcoming and my
impressions were really positive, after having heard not such great
things about Poles >from my mother. My opinion was really changed by
this trip."

Myra H., Boston, MA

I loved the sequencing of the visits, the way visits to sights that
can engender despair were alternated with visits to sites that can
engender hope and inspiration, including visits to many sites that
engender both types of feelings. Overall, this may be my favorite
aspect about Bridge to Poland - that it allows one to look history in
the face directly and to see and feel the horrors of history, and, at
the same time, to experience genuine reasons for joy and hope in the
past, present, and future of Jewish life in Poland. I loved the
intellectual content of the trip - I learned so much, in part because
our guides presented information in powerful ways that build knowledge
and understanding. I loved meeting with intellectual, community, and
religious leaders throughout the trip and hearing >from a variety of
perspectives about a broad range of topics. I loved the pacing and the
intimate feel of the trip, including the opportunity to meet
informally with many different Poles and to share and process our trip
experiences in our own small group in a relaxed and comfortable way. I
loved the variety of sites and experiences - every visit and
interaction was distinct and memorable. The trip included a wonderful
range of intellectually stimulating and emotionally impactful

I grew intellectually, but I also grew spiritually, and in my power to
appreciate the power of the arts to convey truths that facts, however
overwhelming, sometimes fail to transmit.

Leora shows the perfect combination of gentle guidance and responsive
listening and leadership. Her planning of meetings, visits, and tours
was flawless, and she led the group with grace, wisdom, compassion,
kindness, and humor.

Priscilla C., Oakland, CA

Leora Tec
Founder & Director, Bridge To Poland

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