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The Civil Registration Office (USC) in Praga district in Warsaw holds
vital records that are less than 80 years old (in the case of marriage
and death records), or less than 100 years old (for birth records),
for the various religious communities >from the eastern part of
interwar Poland. The section looking after these records is the
department for "zabuzanski" records - the term referring to those
territories east of the River Bug, and now located in Ukraine and
Belarus. The Jewish records in this collection are all >from the
eastern part of Galicia, now in western Ukraine.

In two operations this year, the USC office has released and
transferred to AGAD over 900 registers that had become publicly
accessible during the past couple of years. Included in these
transfers are 766 books of Jewish books (nearly all of them vital
record books, and several of them duplicates) >from 78 towns of the
former eastern Galicia. These vital record registers contain marriage
and death records going not beyond 1936 - as well as birth records up
to and including 1916. There are six towns in this batch with Jewish
birth, marriage, or death records that had not previously appeared in
Fond 300 at AGAD - Bohorodczany, Dunajow, Halicz, Lysiec, Solotwina,
and Touste.

The towns in the transfers, with their record types, are:
Bohorodczany (M, D), Bobrka (D), Bolechow (M, D), Bolszowce (M, D),
Borszczow (M, D), Boryslaw (M, D), Brzezany (M, D), Buczacz (M, D),
Budzanow (D), Bursztyn (M, D), Chodorow (M), Czortkow (M, D),
Drohobycz (B, M, D), Dunajow (M, D), Gliniany (M, D), Gologory (M),
Gwozdziec (M, D [index books]), Halicz (M, D), Horodenka (M, D),
Jagielnica (M, D), Janow Trembowelski (D), Jaryczow Nowy (M, D),
Jaworow (M, D), Kamionka Strumilowa (M, D), Kolomyja (M, D), Komarno
(B, M, D), Kopyczynce (M, D), Kosow (M, D), Kozlow (M), Kozowa (M, D),
Lwow (M, D), Lwow-Zniesienie (B, M, D), Lysiec (M, D), Mielnica (M,
D), Mikulince (M, D), Monasterzyska (M, D), Mosty Wielkie (M, D),
Nadworna (M, D), Narajow (D), Nawaria (B, M, D), Obertyn (M, D),
Podhajce (M, D), Podkamien (B, M), Podwoloczyska (M, D), Probuzna
(List of residents), Przemyslany (M, D), Rawa Ruska (M, D), Rohatyn
(D), Rozdol (M, D), Rudki (M, D), Sambor (M, D), Sasow (M), Skala (M,
D), Skalat (M, D), Skole (B, M, D), Sniatyn (D), Sokal (M, D),
Sokolowka (M, D), Solotwina (M, D), Stanislawow (M, D), Stary Sambor
(M, D), Strusow (M, D), Stryj (M, D), Szczerzec (D), Tarnopol (B, M,
D), Tartakow (B, M, D), Touste (D), Trembowla (M, D), Turka (D), Uhnow
(M, D), Winniki (B, M, D), Zabie (M, D), Zablotow (M, D), Zalozce (M,
D), Zbaraz (M), Zborow (M, M banns, D), Zloczow (M, D), and Zolkiew
(B, M, D).

These registers will not be available until compiled and scanned by AGAD.

For further information, please contact <>.
Please do NOT reply to this email.

Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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