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Subject: Conflicting Records
From: "Settlinger" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2017 15:03:16 -0500
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When I search on the name Frajdla Klejnman, I come up with two conflicting
marriage records which I don't know how to resolve.

The first record shows a Marriage in 1851 between Nussen Lustman age 18 son
of Jakob Lustman and Drejzla (Surname unlisted) in Opatow record microfilm
# 809164 and Frajdla Klejnman age 16 Daughter of Ejber Klejnman and Ella
(Surname Unlisted).

The second record shows a Marriage in 1874 in Cmielow and/or Opatow between
Abram Lejbusz Szerman age 25 son of Izrael Szerman and Chana Gerlik
microfilm # 1808846 and Fraydlja KLAINMAN age 20 daughter of Elbera
(Surname Unlisted) and Ella Gnoch.

It does not seem likely that Elbera Klainman and Ella Gnoch had two
daughters named Frajdla born in 1835 and 1854.

Can anyone shed light on what these records might mean?

Dear Sondra,

Your question is a very good one. Here's the thought process to
figure out what might be the answer.

1. Were the records extracted correctly?

The answer to that is yes: the parents of Frajdla in both marriage
records were Ejber KLAJNMAN and Ella. Ella's surname [GNOT] is listed
only in the 1874 marriage record.

2. Was one Frajda called Frajda something-else [like Frajda Ruchla]?

The answer is no. In all the LUSTMAN registrations for Nusyn and
Frajda, the mother is only Frajda, and the same for the SZERMAN
registrations for Abram Lejb and Frajda.

3. Could there have been two different couples named "Ejber and Ella
KLAJNMAN" who had daughters called Frajda?

Not likely in this case: the ages of the parents Ejber and Ella for
all the birth registrations are neatly sequential and there is only
one set of death records for the parents, listing the same surviving

4. What is the story with Frajda #1 [LUSTMAN]?

She was likely the Frajda KLAJMAN born in Opatow 1837 B9 [which means
that she was younger than the 16 stated on her 1851 marriage record].
She died Frajda LUSTMAN in 1864 D24 at the declared age of 27. Her
husband promptly married her sister Golda.

5. What is the story with Frajda #2 [SZERMAN]?

Her birth @1854 was never recorded, only her 1873 marriage.

6. The death of the older daughter Frajda [LUSTMAN] preceded the
deaths of her parents: Ejber died in 1869 D18, and we learn that the
name of his mother was Frajda. Ela died in 1882 D24. The same
surviving children are listed who also appear in birth records for the
couple. In Ela's death record, the ages of the surviving children
are given and include Frajda, age 28 [ie born @1854].

Given the importance of the name Frajda in Ejber's family, I suspect
that whatever she was called at birth in 1854, she took on the name
Frajda after her sister died in 1864, and appears in the 1874 marriage
as Frajda. The only way to validate this would have been if her 1854
birth had been registered.

Judy Golan
JRI-Poland Opatow Town Leader

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