AustriaHungary gazetteer of 1900 online! #poland

Phyllis Kramer

In 1900 the Austria-Hungarian Empire conducted a thorough review of
every city, town and hamlet - 14 volumes in all. Although the detailed
documents were destroyed, a summary of every town is available..and
much of it is on line too! Alas, this census included no

Would you want to know how many
people/Jews/synagogues/acres/houses/pigs/ were in your shtetl in 1900?
Those answers are (in German) in the Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate
vertretenen Konigreiche und Lander...or the Gazetteer of the Crown
Lands and Territorieskl Volume 12: Galizien (Galicia) Vienna, 1907.

I found this Galician gazetteer online (the LDS has microfilms) on the
genealogy wiki. for Galicia, go to

Here are the steps (browsing will waste much time)
1.start at the Halychina Genealogy web site at and read the explanation, their wonderful town finding aid from;
this will give you the page number for your town; there are two items
for each town...administrative information and
schools/churches/synagogues...that is why there are two sets of pages
for each town.

for instance (and these are approximate),
Brody pp 54-61 & 835, Jaslo 249 & 866,
Kolomea 290-293 & 875, Krakau 304-313 & 878,
Lemburg 336-43 & 883,
Przemysl 480-485 & 908, Rohatyn 522-9 & 916.
Rzeszow 556-563 & 921,
Stanislau 630-7 & 908, Stryj 648-55 & 937, Tarnow 692-701& 944
Use the + to make the image larger, and the previous/next page to
browse. The right column shows the administrative information
(abbreviations are described on page 9) and the index to all towns
begins at page 965

By the way, this pdf is a fabulous downloadable tool to understand the
administrative districts for every galician town!

Happy Hunting!!
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
VP, Education, (we have wonderful education

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