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Joseph <jswalder@...>

Inquiries with family members about my paternal grandparents'
background went practically nowhere. I knew about their siblings
who had come to the US or Canada, but nothing about those who
hadn't and had been killed by the Nazis, nor about the older
generations aside >from great-grandparents' names.

My paternal grandparents were DAVE WALDER of Narol and FEIGE
(FANNY) GRABER of Sanok.

On my first visit to JRI--Poland, to my considerable shock,
I found records of a 1900 census of Sanok that gave the names
of all my grandmother's siblings. With that information in hand,
I was able to search further on JRI--Poland and find birth, death,
and marriage records that had been indexed, with copies of the
original records in some cases. I now have the names of all the
siblings of my great grandmother BEILE LICHTBACH as well as
the names of her parents. Moving back to,
I discovered that some of these people had emigrated to the
United States.

Many many thanks to the devoted volunteers who did the indexing.
Those records are very difficult to decipher.

Joseph S. Walder

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