Gerald and Margaret

I have hit a brick wall with my research into the children of
my Maternal Great(x2)GPs, Ludwig (or Lippmann) SCHLESINGER (1835-1899)
and Handel KOHN.(1833-1912)

They had 8 children born between 1861 and 1873, but I can find no
information about one of them, Hermine.

The other children were : Regina, Leo, Max (my MGGF), Karl, Martha,
Georg, and Richard.

The oldest, Regina, and the youngest Richard,were born in
Gleiwitz/Gliwice, in Upper Silesia, then Prussia, now Poland;
it's likely that Hermine was also. There were about 2000 Jews
in Gleiwitz at that time.

I have been told by a relative that she married Sigmund LABAND.
One of her sisters, Martha, married his brother, Alexander LABAND.

As the name SCHLESINGER was quite common in that region, was
Hermine a cousin rather than a sibling ? Ludwig SCHLESINGER
was the youngest of 8 siblings.

Any suggestions where I could look ?

Margaret LEVIN
Finchley, London, UK
all >from Silesia)

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