Szyfra WALDER nee KANNER of Narol; her father rabbi Abraham Yehoshua haCohen #poland

Joseph Walder <jswalder@...>

My paternal grandfather, Dave WALDER, came >from the small town of Narol,
at the time of his birth (1902) in Austrian Galicia, now in eastern
Poland close to the Ukraine border and not too far >from Lviv. Recently
I came upon some information that I believe pertains to his mother,
Szyfra WALDER nee KANNER. I write her name in the Polish style because
doing so -- instead of writing Shifra or Schifra -- seems to have been
key to finding the records that I did find (on Ah, the
mysteries of search engines. What I found was (1) A passenger manifest
for a ship that sailed >from Southampton, England, with one Szyfra
WALDER aboard, and Narol, Poland given as her last place of residence;
and (2) a link
to a photo of a headstone, with the name of the deceased given as Shifra
WALDER. I previously had the impression that Szyfra/Shifra had never come
to the US, but that's another matter.

The inferred dates of birth >from the passenger manifest and the headstone
are the same: 1865. This is entirely plausible given the birthdates of
my grandfather and his brothers. A cousin tells me that on the headstone
is written, in Hebrew, "daughter of rabbi Abraham Yehoshua haCohen".

No indexed/translated records >from Narol are available, as far as I know,
but there apparently are some LDS microfilms that one can inspect.

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into how I might use that
headstone information about Szyfra's father for the purpose of searches.
I'm also wondering if anyone has ever come across the name rabbi Abraham
Yehoshua haCohen in the course of their own research.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions or information.

Joseph Walder

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