Searching: IBRAM/RUTKIEWICZ families in Lomza area #poland

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Multiple marriages mean more researching problems--

My family research currently centers on the RUTKIEWICZ surname (with
allowances for spelling variations).
Recently in my research I became particularly interested in a Sora
Leia Rutkiewicz, b. ca. 1864 Penza,
daughter of Moszk Jankielowicz (RUTKIEWICZ).

Sora Leia is listed as having married a Chaim IBRAM in Piontnica in
1886. But I found an earlier marriage
of the same Chaim in ca. 1860 to a Jospa, daughter of Apram [Abram?].

I thought at first that Chaim quite likely had a first marriage (in
1860) with no children and therefore married
Sora Leia in ca. 1886. End of story. But not quite!

The birthdates of Chaim's children (in the db index) are closer to
the date of the 2nd marriage, so I believe
it supports my first assumption about remarrying for children.
Nevertheless, I continued digging and sought
further evidence.

But quite astoundingly, I suddenly discovered another marriage for
Chaim to a Joska KURLAND in ca. 1882, daughter of Aria (Aryeh?)
in Wizna. Could this be a transliteration error >from the source documents?
The names Jospa and Joska are very similar and the fathers have the
same first initial. So perhaps Chaim had multiple marriages?!
If so, which wife bore him three known children? Furthermore, how
could Chaim marry ca. 1882 in Lomza and again in 1886 in Wizna?
What happened to disrupt life? It doesn't make sense.

Can anyone sort out these family ties or give me some suggestions to
get some answers?

I sincerely appreciate and compliment JRI-Poland's efforts to provie
online viewing (>from the comfort of home) of documents in the Polish
archives and my experience has been very positive in using this resource,
which I acknowledge with thanks.

By the way, I have kept a paper trail of the research done in the
above topic with sources. Please contact me if you would like an
annotated copy..


Jerusalem Israel

Family Historian and Researcher (IGRA)

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