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Lois Bebergal <LB@...>

You might want to look for town Goniadz, 53 29/22 45, this was quite close
to Trestin/Trestina. I have been trying to locate any information from
Trzciane, as this is the town my grandfather's, Levy Kantezcuk (sp),
emigration papers name as his birth city. I am having a very hard time
locating documents >from Trestina. My grandfather's tombstone designates
"Trestina" as his birthplace and I have decided this is now located in

Lois Bebergal
Atlanta, Georgia

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The town Cheryl Palacio refers to does exist and is often called Trestin (in
Hebrew, Trestina).

It is in the Grodno Gubornia and is well known. The family names referred to
also appear inLomza and Bialystok townships and those searching in the
Bialystok area should look in neighboring towns, especially the larger ones,

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