online Memorial to the Jews Deported from France #poland

Jean-Pierre Stroweis


I have posted an online database of the "Memorial to the Jews Deported from
France", available at .

This search tool provides immediate access to information on the tragic
fate of the 78,000 Jews who were deported >from France/died in internment
camps in France or were shot in France during the Nazi occupation and the
Vichy regime. Among them nearly 23,500 were born in today's Poland.

The database is built >from Serge Klarsfeld's Memorial de la Deportation
des Juifs de France, 2012 version. It includes corrections he made
since 2012, as well as additional information aimed to identify the
precise birthplace of these men, women and children.

The site is bilingual (English/French) and also presents Klarsfeld's
preface to the 2012 Memorial.

The search engine was built thanks to Steve Morse's One Step Search
Application and it is hosted on his web site.

I will introduce the tool at the coming IAJGS conference in Warsaw in a
session entitled ">from Where Came the Holocaust Victims of France?
Extended Klarsfeld's Memorial as Online Searchable Database" to be held
on Thursday, August 9 at 8:00 am.

Jean-Pierre Stroweis
Jerusalem, Israel

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