Lancut documents recently acquired #poland

Logan J. Kleinwaks

This is a brief summary of Lancut documents that 1) I examined and,
unless otherwise noted, photographed in July/August at AGAD in Warsaw
and at the Wawel (I) and ul. Grodzka (II) branches of the National
Archives in Krakow, and 2) were acquired as part of a Gesher Galicia
project begun in 2016 >from TsDIAL in Lviv and the Lancut Public
Library. In the process of examining the first group, I also learned
of many other Lancut documents having or likely to have Jewish
genealogical content, but I did not have time to work with them and
will try to do so in the future. Indexing status is described at the
end and in the absence of indexes I am not able to respond to lookup
requests. Full details about these documents will be announced when
indexing is complete. Thanks very much to the archivists for their

1) Acquired July/August as private initiative


1785 tax list (

1794 tax list (

1804-1805 tax list (

1765 contract for purchase of home by Jasef Danielowicz and his wife
Szayndl daughter of Wulff Lewkowicz (>from other sources: Jasef
Danielowicz a.k.a. Jasef Lubaczower had sons who adopted surnames
KALTER, SON/SONNE, and STERN in Lancut and a son-in-law with surname
BIER); several contracts 1794-1855 mentioning Jews, not examined
carefully (

1805 list of Jewish tavern owners(?); 1782-1822 documents related to
sale of alcohol, some mentioning Jews, not examined carefully

c. 1800 contracts mentioning Jews, not examined carefully

1853-1913 contracts mentioning Jews, not examined carefully; due to
time constraints, I was only able to look at pages 1-155 of about 580

1862-1904 real estate documents mentioning Jews

1793 document with Hebrew signature in collection with castle
inventory, not examined carefully

Property ledger mentioning 1901 contract involving Leizor WANG

In addition, I was not able to view the following items because of
their poor condition, but will explore how to get scans:,, The first two were,
unfortunately, my highest priority and might contain information about
property ownership in the mid-19th century with, hopefully,
indications of relationships between then-current and former owners
(as is the case for similarly-described documents >from another town).
The third concerns sales of alcohol.

The following items I examined but did not photograph because they did
not mention any Jews:,,,,,

Note that the above represents only a small part of the Potocki Lancut
Archive and I plan to explore the many remaining files that seem
promising. Also, microfilm copies of the Potocki Lancut Archive are
kept at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, but are apparently
organized differently and I have not been able to reconcile the BYU
and AGAD inventories.


1870 voter list

1787 list of Jewish tavern owners with narrative details about their
businesses, includes surnames (possibly a few toponymics), house
numbers, and some indications of death (undated?)

1794-1809 lists of city expenses, some with names of Jews

1795 debts, two involving Berko BAUMBERG

1803-1804 documents related to Jewish brewers/tavern owners

1819 document concerning tax payments?

1785 document concerning Jewish community and synagogue, with several
names (a copy, unfortunately, without the original signatures)

1786 contract with Michel Leyzorowicz concerning trade fair

1800-1845 documents mentioning Jews, not examined carefully


The files and contain thousands of
cards with information about individuals >from Lancut, supposedly
spanning 1895-1942, organized alphabetically. Due to time
constraints, I was only able to photograph the cards for surnames
beginning with A, B, K, part of H, and part of J. I estimate that
photographing the remaining Lancut cards (front and back) would take
about 10 hours. Each card covers one person with varying information
that generally consists of the person's name, year of birth, place of
birth, address, occupation, references to other documents, and a list
of taxes by year. The cards appear to be related to business
licensing/registration or some kind of census of professional
activities. There are similar cards for many other towns (see list at

2) Acquired through 2016 Gesher Galicia project


1788 Josephine cadastral survey, list of property owners (V/52)

1820 Franciscan cadastral survey, list of property owners (V/73)

undated 1788-1816 tax list; more precise dating might be possible by
comparison with some of the newly acquired items in 1) above (V/73)


1801-1822 narrative documents >from the Lancut Magistrate's Office
concerning real estate transactions, wills, contracts, etc., very rich
in genealogical information (sometimes, spanning surname adoption and
describing relationships between people who adopted different
surnames) (345/III)

1820s-1880s register of real estate transactions, sometimes
identifying relatives and property ownership history back to the
mid-18th century (346/III)

c. 1777 property/tax list, often identifying previous owner, too (349/III)

1938 Jewish businesses in Lancut (271/IV)

1941? Jewish residents of Lancut under Nazi occupation, can include
name, address, date of birth, date of arrival in Lancut (many
1939/1940), date of death, occupation (271/IV)

1900-1926 minutes of the Lancut Shoemakers and Saddlers Association
(maybe also including tailors and textile makers), with many Jewish
names (383/IV)

Documents concerning Marjem HELLMAN z SCHIFF (271/IV)

Property documents (incomplete) corresponding with a Lancut map dated
in some reproductions 1749, but possibly actually >from 1759 (357/III)

Small fragment (without Jews) of an 1869 census, the whereabouts are
unknown (349/III)

Note that many of the above documents include house numbers that can
be correlated, even despite a change in the house numbering scheme,
and doing so can sometimes provide proof of genealogical relationships
that no single document can provide.


For the documents I recently photographed as a private initiative (1),
I will index them myself or possibly solicit volunteers and then will
be happy to donate the indexes to Gesher Galicia and JRI-Poland,
pending permission >from the archives. For the narrative documents, it
will be important for researchers to have access to the photos, since
I will not provide complete transcriptions or even summaries of the
genealogical contents, but only the list of names mentioned. I do not
yet know how I will distribute the photos.

For the documents included in the Gesher Galicia project begun in 2016
(2), indexing of some documents is complete and the rest will
hopefully be finished before the end of 2018. Indexes will be given
to both Gesher Galicia and JRI-Poland and the photos were already
given to Gesher Galicia, though I am not certain how they will
ultimately be made available. For narrative documents, especially the
1801-1822 documents >from the library (345/III), researchers will want
to see the photos for the reason stated above. Donors to the project,
which was fully funded, have received extracts about their surnames as
indexing has proceeded. This project was originally approved by the
late Pamela Weisberger, who was supportive of casting a wider net in
search of sources for Lancut, >from which few vital records survive.
Thanks also to Peter Jassem for his assistance.

Finally, I would also like to mention that I visited Lancut and will
share information that might be helpful to others planning a visit in
a subsequent message.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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