my grandmother's first husband #poland



I never asked my grandmother about her late first husband with whom
she had my mother's two half siblings who were born in Poland.
Her 1912 passport was recently translated for me. Gena Ides,
daughter of Haim Tobijash Borenshtein was born on 1/13 February 1888.
Her passport was issued by Gora-Kalvaniya gmina administration -
Grojec County Warszawa province - 1912 June 13 to Genya Ides
Borenshtein. At that time, she was a widow with 2 children
whose permanent address is listed as Possad and Gnma Gora-Kalvariya.

I was under the impression that she was born in Grojec and the
spelling of her maiden surname is spelled Borensztejn. My mother
told me grandma's name had been Chana Yetta ( changed to Anni(e) in
America. She came to America to marry her second husband, my
grandfather, Shiya (Samuel) Hiller.

Can anyone please help me locate the record of her first marriage.

Most sincerely,

Liz Ruderman Miller
Pismo Beach, California

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