Grandparents families #poland


My name is Carin Miller. I am researching my my paternal and maternal

My great grandparents on my mother's side, Abraham and Esther Rosenberg,
were >from Piotrkow. They had 6 children, including my grandfather David
Rosenberg, and arrived at Ellis Island in 3 shifts between 1905 and 1907.
My ggfather was a tailor and the sons were dress contractors.

My ggrandparents on my father's side, Charles and Leah Schupak, were
from the Warsaw area. They also arrived at Ellis Island in the early
1900s. There were 3 sons and a daughter, including my grandfather Harry.
The family business was carpentry. Schupak is such an unusual name and
there are probably variations in the spelling so if your name is spelled
differently but you think there may be a connection please contact me

Looking forward to hearing >from anyone with a connection.
Carin Miller

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