AVRAHAM In Mlawa #poland

Ken Bernknopf <kbernknopf@...>

I'm helping a friend with some initial research and will turn it over
to her to pursue if there is any success. Searching any information
in Mlawa for Meir (Shmuel) AVRAHAM (yes I know Meir and Shmuel are
vastly different names but that's the information she has), born in 1888.
Spouse was Pesa (born TAKME).

Meir's parents were Nekha & Hirsh AVRAHAM. Children were Dina (born
1911), Zeev, Sara (born Sept 1913), Symcha (born 1923), Arie (born 1940)
and Pinkhas (born 1928). I've checked JewishGen Family Finder and have
some searches on JewishGen with no luck.

Ken Bernknopf

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