Names of Jews in pre-WW2 Kanth ,now Polish Katy Wroclawskie #poland

Gerald and Margaret

I am trying to find more information about the 4 Jewish families who lived
in pre-WW2 Silesian Kanth (now Katy Wroclawskie), a small town
22km SW of Breslau (now Wroclaw). I am want to apply to the Municipality
of Katy Wroclawskie for permission to install some Stolpersteine

My paternal grandparents , Adolf STEIN (1875-1942) and Frieda MASUR
(1882-1942) owned a men's outfitters there, >from the time of their
marriage in 1912 until they were forced to move to Breslau prior
to their murder in 1942. Their 3 children moved to safety in England
between 1934 and 1939.

One of the 2 family doctors was Dr HEIDENFELD who lived there with
his wife and 2 daughters. One daughter , Hortense (b1920) left
in 1939 on a domestic servant's permit to the UK. She is alive
and well in NW London. The rest of her family were murdered.

Another family was called JUNGMANN. The 4th family owned a shoe shop.

It is helpful to know as much as possible about all the Jews who lived
in a town pre-WW2 and then were forced to leave, Any suggestions of
where to find out more are most welcome. When I have this
information, I plan to contact the Mayor of Katy Wroclawskie.

Margaret Levin
London UK

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