Easy to decipher (typed, not handwritten) Hebrew/Yiddish/Aramaic reading request #poland

Stephen Weinstein

Unusual marriage record that is part in English and part in Hebrew
letters, but not Hebrew (variously identified as Yiddish or Aramaic
depending on whom I ask.)

Bride is half Galician and half >from Krasnik. Groom is Latvian.

1. The English says that the date was in Teveth. The Hebrew/Yiddish
says the date was in Kislev. This is apparently a mistake. The
English secular ("December") date is consistent with the
Italiangen.org database of NYC marriages indexes and with the Teveth
date and with the day of the week. It is not consistent with the
Kislev data. So it would seem that Kislev is wrong.

2. The word gimel-aleph-lamed-daled-hey is Golda, which was the
bride's name. However, it is not the normal Hebrew spelling (which
has a vav instead of an aleph). It may be Yiddish or Aramaic.

3. Is this a "Ketubah" or is that a separate document that we haven't
found? Isn't a Ketubah supposed to be more like a prenup: >from before
the ceremony, not after; and with details about what money is to be
paid in the event of divorce?

4. The groom's name is shown as Menachem Mendel bar (son of) Eliezer.
If shown, what are the groom's parents' full Hebrew names (including
their fathers' names)?

5. What is the remainder of the text filled in the blanks in
Yiddish/Hebrew/Aramaic? (I don't care as much about the pre-printed
text, and I can read the English text.)

Displayed on the ViewMate Image Gallery page with the number 70655.


Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page or by e-mail.
Thank you very much.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA, USA

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