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Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the addition of new records on
the All Galicia Database--a database that is available to all.

This communication refers to the Jewish Medical Students Project. To
learn about this initiative, please follow the link:

The current update includes records of 1,500 students and

-- Lwow University: Jewish medical students and graduates (1894-1918)

Of note, the indexes include Jewish students >from Galicia, Bukovina,
and Congress Poland, with the original records held at the State
Archive of Lviv Oblast (DALO, Lviv, Ukraine).

Earlier this year, the indexes of Jewish medical students >from Galicia
attending other universities were added to our searchable database:

-- Jagiellonian University: Jewish medical students and graduates (1802-1918)
-- Jagiellonian University: Jewish midwifery students (1802-1850)

-- Pest University: Jewish Medical, Surgical, and Midwifery Students (1793-1846)
-- Pest University: Jewish Medical Graduates (1770-1921)

To date, Gesher Galicia extracted genealogical information on about
3,200 Jewish medical students.

Importantly, members of Gesher Galicia can also view supplemental
information derived >from the university records and other sources (for
example, regarding parents and their occupations, studies, places of
medical practice, Holocaust-related, etc.). Supplemental data are
accessible via the Members Portal after login: and can be found in the Members'
Records archive under the Jewish Medical Students.

In 2019, additional indexes of Jewish medical students >from Lwow
University (1919 to 1935) will be added. Data >from other universities
attended by the Galician Jews will follow.

For further information, please contact:

Andrew Zalewski

Jewish Medical Students Project Coordinator
Board Member, Gesher Galicia

For membership information, visit
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