my grandmother, Gena Ides Bornsztejn's first husband #poland



My maternal grandmother, Annie Bornstein Hiller's 1912 passport
was translated for me. Her name was translated as Gena Ides
daughter of Haim Tobijash Borenshtein, and she was born on 1/13
February 1888. At the time she obtained her passport, she was
widow with 2 children whose permanent address is listed as Possad
and Gminafora-Kalvariya.

I have been trying for many years to find the name of her first husband.
It may be Chaim but I have no idea what the surname is. When she came
to America, she already was using the surname Hiller. She was coming
to marry my grandfather, Samuel Hiller, who she had known in their
hometown of Grojec (Gritze), Poland.

So, I am asking if anyone can help me find a marriage record for my
grandmother and a man whose first name may be Chaim in or around Grojec,
Poland perhaps about 1902 or 1903. Their first child was born in 1904.

Many thanks,

Liz Ruderman Miller
researching: Hiller, Borensztejn, Ruderman, Cohen

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