Skeleton in my cupboard? #poland

ingrid rockberger

I recently obtained the marriage record of my paternal grandmother's
parents. After all the usual information, the record adds: "They
also stated that before entering into marriage they had conceived during
their cohabitation a son, Judka, born in the local town on September 1/13
1868. They recognize him as their own by this marriage record, and on the
basis of article 291 of the Civil Code of the Kingdom of Poland, they secure
for him the status and rights of a legitimate child." I worked out that
this child was conceived when my great grandparents were about 16 years
old! I am asking all our experts if this was unusual -- or not? The
marriage took place in December 1869 in Kaluszyn.

Happy Purim to all,

Ingrid Rockberger
Co- Chair, Sharon Branch
Israel Genealogy Research Association.

ROCHVERGER:Lowicz and Lodz,Poland
KONIARSKI:Zloczew, Poland
LAJZEROWICZ:Lutotow, Poland
MONKA: Sokolow Podlaski, Poland
SCZNAJDER, Kozow Lacki, Poland
PONSOWY/PONSOWA: Kaluszyn, Poland

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