APOTHEKER Family Galicia and in the USA #poland

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I am researching my wife's family APOTHEKER. Her grandfather Lazar
APOTHEKER (1858-1942) was born in Nowy Sacz (Tzanz) and had at least
7 siblings:Baruch Markus, Dawid Alexander, Mojzesz, Marjem,Jochewed,
Ester, Eidel. The oldest was Barukh Markus(b.1853).They were the
only APOTHEKERs there according to a document >from 1870. The head
of the family was Saul Isaak APOTHEKER(1831-1893) married to
Lea Landau.All his children named one of their boys Shaul. Recently I
had several breakthroughs and found out that Shaul's children lived in
Krakow lived later in their life in Bardejov(Slovakia),
Przemysl and the nearby shtetl Nizankowice, Dobromyl, Lesko and
Krakow. All the Apothekers I found at JRI-PL in Galician
locations are offsprings of Shaul. Ellis Island DB lists some of
them as coming >from Lemberg(Lwow) and Bobrka(Bibrka) not
too far >from there.I managed to locate Rabbi Leib APTHEKER who was
Rabbi in NY(apparently the son of Barukh Markus
mentioned above). Alexander Beider mentions also Stanislawow, Borszcz
ow and Kolomyja as places where members of the family lived in. My
wife's father Dawid APOTHEKER(1908-1995) was on the Sugihara list
and stayed during the War in Shanghai. We found on the Sugihara
list another Dawid APOTHEKER. We thought at the beginning that it
was a technical mistake but later found out that this one indicated
to the JDC that he had a cousin in NY( the son of Rabbi Leib

But as far as we know he never made it to Shanghai and have no idea what
happened to him. The given names Dawid, Leib(Leo), Meshulam have also
strong presence in the family. We know of another Dawid APOTHEKER who
was in NYC in 1892 through this scandalous story,but have on idea who
he was but that he was >from Galicia.

There was also an APOTHEKER family in Iassi, Romania but they are probably
not connected.

If any of those names ring a bell,mainly for those who live around NY, or
any one >from Galicia who has them on his tree we would be glad to hear
from you.
Regards >from Jerusalem

Jacob Rosen

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