Seeking Contact with Relatives of Hinde Wank #poland

Joyce Eastman

I am trying to make contact with Mason Wank, who has a tree on
as well as which shows Hinde Wank. It is my belief that Hinde
Wank, born about 1875 in Brody, Poland, is a possible sister of my
grandfather, Salomon Wolf Wilder and his two brothers.

According to the Brooklyn Census Hinde Wank was also known as Annie Wank as
well as Hilda Wang. Her husband was Jacob Wank. Hinde Wank came to the US
in 1906 on the Blucher out of Hamburg into the Port of NY with her children.
Her husband, Jacob, arrived in the US in 1903.

Any assistance you can provide in locating relatives of Hinde Wank or Mason
Wank would be most appreciated. My goal is to find information regarding
Hinde Wank's parentage. I have looked online at various databases including and and was unable to find any burial records
for Hinde Wank. I have been in contact with Hinde Wank's granddaughter, but
she has very little information and does not know much about her grandmother
at all. Hinde Wang lived in Brooklyn, NY in 1933 at 154 Rockaway Parkway,
living with her daughter Vivian and son Max according to the 1930 census.
The 1933 city directory for Brooklyn lists her as Annie Wank, widow of
Jacob, living with Vivian and son Max.

Any regarding the above information for Mason Wank and Hinde/Annie Wank or
her death record/parentage would be most appreciated.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

Vienna, Austria; RUFEISEN: Biala/Sucha/Zywiec/Szare, Poland, Israel, Germany
and Brazil; SCHEIER/ROBINSOHN: Biala/Sucha, Poland and Stanislawow,
Vaj Ujhely, Hungary/Trencin, Slovakia

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