Searching for Fejga BERLINKA of Chorzele #poland


I am searching for Fejga BERLINKA of Pultusk and Chorzele, Poland, who, if
alive, would be in her 90s. It is possible she may have moved to Israel
in 1948. If anyone might know of her and her family, please let me

Here are the details:

Fajga BERLINKA, my great aunt, was last recorded to be in the Polish town
of Dzierzoniow, Koscielna street 10 in Poland in 1947. She is the child of
Avraham and Majta Berlinka and the granddaughter of Berek BERLINKA and
Estera GRAIJCK of Chorzele, Poland.

She was likely born in Chorzele, Poland in 1926. (Her age would be 93 if
she is alive today). When WWII broke out, she and her father Avraham
BERLINKA fled to Buchary in Uzbekistan to live with the Jewish community
there. She returned after the war in 1946 and applied for a visa in 1946
to study in the U.S., but this was eventually denied. It is possible her
father may have died in 1947 or 1948, because there is no mention of him
in the last records.

I have no idea as a young single woman where she may have gone afterwards,
but perhaps she went to Israel. (My other BERLINKA relatives changed their
name to BERLINER after they arrived in the U.S. so she may have used that
name if she moved to another country.)

Thank you for your assistance.

Eugene Alpert
Arlington, VA

Chorzele; BERLINKA, GROSKIND of Przasnysz and WINTROB and MELNIK of

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