Thank You - Translation Assistance for Viewmate #73750 #poland

Joyce Eastman

I want to thank every who assisted me in translating the old German script
document concerning the death of Jakob Michael HONIG. Our HONIG-WILDER
family can now add another sibling of my paternal grandfather to our family
tree. Jakob Michael HONIG was previously unknown to any members of our
family and is quite a find! I also must personally thank Renee Steinig who
assisted me in finding this document on Without her diligence
I never would have been able to find this information. In the process of
researching my WANK and KATZ families >from Brooklyn, NY, and the information
I received >from researchers on these digests, it eventually led to the
discovery of two sisters of my grandfather as well.

The digests as well as Viewmate are an invaluable tool, and I am
thankful for all the wonderful people who read these digests on a daily
basis. They have provided so much information in response to my requests
over the years, and I am eternally grateful for all the help. I am an
annual donor to JewishGen and support them in the great work that they do to
assist all of us in our family research.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

Vienna, Austria; RUFEISEN: Biala/Sucha/Zywiec/Szare, Poland, Israel, Germany
and Brazil; SCHEIER/ROBINSOHN: Biala/Sucha, Poland and Stanislawow,
Vaj Ujhely, Hungary/Trencin, Slovakia; KATZ/WANK: Brooklyn, NY/Brody, Poland

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