1916-1921 Lodz Registration Card Extraction Project - an outstanding volunteer accomplishment #poland

Stanley Diamond

Dear friends:

The announcement by Project Leader Margalit Ir of the completion
of the massive 1916-1921 Lodz Registration Card project deserves
special attention >from all researchers with roots in Poland.
History has shown and it is clear >from the cards that Lodz was
inhabited by families with origins all over Poland (and nearby
countries, as well) so don't overlook this source when searching
for families that remained in Poland but who no longer appear in
the records of the town where you know where they were born.

As Margalit has noted, she has heard >from countless researchers
who have made significant discoveries in the cards. But along
with those researchers, we all owe a debt of gratitude to Margalit
for her leadership and devotion to bringing this project to an end.
Yasher Koach, Margalit.

I could not write about this project without mentioning something
about volunteering in general that is very close to my heart.
As the Executive Director of JRI-Poland, I have treasured those
volunteers who not only step forward when the opportunity arises -
and often doing so without being asked - but who carry out their
tasks with passion and devotion in the most professional manner.
Thank you for being one of those prized volunteers, Margalit.

Also, as noted on the project website,
the Lodz Registration Cards may include previously unknown
family members who were victims of the Shoah and not yet
memorialized through Pages of Testimony. Researchers are encouraged
to submit a Page of Testimony to Yad Vashem where you determine
that it is likely that a family member did not survive. For
information on Pages of Testimony, see: https://yvng.yadvashem.org/

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.
Executive Director
On behalf of the Board of JRI-Poland

Margalit Ashira Ir wrote:

"The Lodz Registration Card Project is now complete and the data is
online. Along the way, we reviewed 262,000 cards and identified more
than 230,000 Jewish individuals. They are now forever part of the
database of Jewish Records of Poland, available for all to find."

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