Viewmate Translation Request- Warszawa Records #poland

Jeff Kronenberg <jeffkronenberg@...>

Dear Friends: Shalom aleichem! I am trying to find out what happened
to the Kirschenberg family who were living in Warsaw at the start of
Hitler's occupation. I have posted four Warszawa documents >from the
JRI-Poland data base for siblings and cousins of my grandmother,
Faiga Lea Kirschenberg, one of the few who were able to escape to
the USA.

Thank you for your assistance in translating these records.

Please respond through the form provided on the Viewmate image page.

ViewMate - Image 74166 - Translation - Russian - Poland - Warszawa - Kirsch=
enberg - 1904=C2=A0 Unknown Kirszenberg

ViewMate - Image 74167 - Translation - Russian - Poland - Warszawa -
Kirschenberg - 1900 Bina Kirszenberg

ViewMate - Image 74168 - Translation - Russian - Poland - Warszawa -
Kirschenberg - 1899 Estera Kirszenberg

ViewMate - Image 74169 - Translation - Russian - Poland - Warszawa -
Kirschenberg - 1902 Sura Jenta Kirszenberg

A shainem danke! Thank you kindly.

Hananya Kronenberg


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