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Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the addition of new records on
the All Galicia Database--a database that is free and available to
all. See:

This update refers to the Josephine and Franciscan Surveys Project, an
ongoing research initiative of Gesher Galicia, focused on early
population censuses. In the past four years, 52,900 records extracted
from the Josephine and Franciscan surveys were added to the database,
including 5,900 records uploaded this month. To learn more about the
project and to view the full list of 56 towns researched to date, please fo=
the link:

In addition, Gesher Galicia members can access complete indexes and
scans for each town after login via to Members' Records.

The 2019 Josephine and Franciscan Surveys Project included archival
reviews of 11 towns (records held at TsDIAL, the Central
State Historical Archives of Ukraine, Lviv). The following indexes for
the corresponding years were completed:

** Bobrka 1787 and 1820
** Bolechow 1820
** Drohobycz 1787 and 1820, 1821
** Grzymalow 1787 and 1820
** Jezierzany 1787 and 1820
** Lancut 1788 and 1820
** Radziechow 1788 and 1820
** Rawa Ruska 1788
** Sokal 1787 and 1843
** Tarnow 1787
** Zydaczow 1787 and 1820

We wish to acknowledge the following individuals for their efforts:
Michal Majewski (indexing) and Logan Kleinwaks (Lancut records and
their indexing).

The list of towns planned for the 2020 Josephine and Franciscan
Surveys Project can be viewed at:

Andrew Zalewski

Josephine and Franciscan Surveys Project Coordinator
Board Member, Gesher Galicia

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