Missing one generation to connect - Rabbi Chaim Lieberson of Berditchev #poland

Anat Avizemel <anatavizemel@...>

Trying to connect my ancestors to Rabbi Chaim Lieber, as family lore says
they are his descendents . He was a GGrandson of Rabbi Lieber HaGadol
(the great) of Berditchev and wrote three books, among those "Tzror

In one of his books he writes that >from six children he had, only one
daughter was left and a son in law.

Does anyone know, or has suggestions on how to find out the names
of his children?

Yaakov (Yakili) Liberson of Berditchev: 1767 - 1796

His son: Rabi Yeshaya Liberson of Dinovitch : born probably around 1790

His son: Rabi Chaim Liberson of Berditchev,"Tzror HaChaim" : born probably
around 1810

His daughter, name unknown: born probably around 1830

The following relatives claim(ed) to be his descendents:

Naftali Hertz Hailperin son of Yeshaya, born 1872 at Mezeritch Gadol -
Miedzyrzeck Korecki.

Hinda Ester daughter of Beniumin Getsel Dubas, born 1872. Her birth
place is not known but the family lived in Koretz and moved to Ostroh
after the big fire of 1881.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Anat Avizemel

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