Remembering those buried in the Nowogrod Jewish Cemetery #poland

Jeff Miller

It is rare when Opportunity meets Obligation and Legacy.
I visited the Jewish cemetery in Nowogrod, Poland in August 2018 while
in Poland attending the 38th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish
Genealogy. I found the condition of the cemetery to be alarming, and
resolved to take steps to improve the condition, restore the cemetery,
and memorialize those who were buried there.

I invite you to be my partner in the project to restore the Nowogrod
Jewish cemetery.
We have the OPPORTUNITY to make a huge difference in the education of
the next generation, as well as for honoring the memory of those who
were buried there.
I have taken it upon myself to create a project for restoration of the
Jewish cemetery in Nowogrod, and made contacts with key players in
Poland and elsewhere to help me advance this initiative.
I see this as an OBLIGATION to not stand by while time and nature
destroy the memories of our mishpacha.

FODZ (Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland)
Director Piotr Puchta and I have agreed on a list of items for
prioritizing and a target goal has been set for the doing such

We can work together to create a LEGACY for future generations.

Dan Oren, President of Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland, has set up
a page for the Nowogr=F3d Jewish cemetery on the Friends of Jewish
Heritage in Poland website. The page has more details of the objectives
of the effort.

Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland is a tax-exempt, non-profit
501(c) (3) organization. Contributions are used only for projects
in Poland. To contribute, go to:

Warmest regards,
Jeff Miller
Researching Mlynarz/Mlynarzewicz, Cyrman/Cymerman/Zimmerman,
Brezinski/Burzynski/Brzezinski/Bergins(ky), Szapowicz/Shapowitz, from
Nowogrod and nearby towns including Ostroleka, Grajewo, Szczuczyn,
Lomza, Wasosz, and others.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Jeff's iniative can inspire our readers with roots
outside the Nowogrod area to take an interest in the restoration
of the cemeteries in which their ancestors are buried. Information
on possible projects may be available >from fodz@...

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