Mina Jacobowsky Simon #poland


Several years ago, I posted a request about this person and received a
few answers, so am posting again. My g-g-grandmothr Mina JACOBOWSKY
arrived in the US around 1850-1851. She gave birth to Henry SIMON in
New Orleans in 1862 and his birth record indicates that her maiden name
was Jacobowsky. We believe that she was born in Prussia between about
1819 and 1825. We also know that she came to the US with two childrenm
Bertha born 1847 and Hannah born 1848 and her husband Bernard or
Benjamin Simon. The family originally thought that she died in
Springfield near Fort Parker in Limestone, Co Texas in an area where we
knew the family lived.

But that could not be proven and we were given information about a
tombstone in New Orleans for a woman of the same name buried there in
the Hebrew Rest Cemetery on September 23 1862. However, this woman,
according to the Hebrew translation I received, died childless and this
is not true of my g-g- grandmother.

We also know that there were two other Jacobowsky-i or similar spelling
in early Mississippi. John D Jacobowsky lived in Pike, Co before the
Civil War and in New York after and a Jacobowsky woman married a Hart

I am hoping to find information that might connect these families and
perhaps find a family in Europe with a similar name that had children
who left between 1840 and 1855.

Kay Goldman
Searching families SIMON, LAVINE, HART, WOLFF all lived in Mississippi,
and Louisiana and then Texas prior to the Civil War.

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