WENGERKA Family #poland

Sherry Kisos <smwwk770@...>

Dear All,

My grandfather's family, WENGERKA, originally came
from two small towns near Lomza city. Very close to
the beginning of WWI (1913?), they moved >from this
area to Bialystock and >from Bialystock, the family
came to the USA. An older sister and brother came
first in 1913; my grandfather and his older sister in
1920; and the mother and two younger brothers in 1923.
Their father died ca 1917.

The documentation for this is a photocopy of the
original passport on which the older brother and
sister came to NYC in 1913 and the various manifests
that were found on the Ellis Island database.

On the manifest in which my grandfather and his sister
appear, there is also the address of their mother in
Bialystock: Sucha 4.

The names of the family:
parents: Icek Majer and Elke (SIWEK) WENGERKA
Children: Chaya Cipa, Huna, Liebe, Chaim Wolf, Zuniel
and Berel.

Shabbat Shalom,
Sherry KISOS
Petach Tikvah, ISrael

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