Polish and Galician Jews in Cairo in the 20th Century #poland

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Siggers,

I published last week on Avotaynuonline.com an index
of surnames of 1,689 Jewish familiesthat lived in Cairo,
Egypt during the 20th century.I posted it on different
Facebook groups of Egyptian Jews and on the Sephardic
SIG and the general Jewishgen list.

I started getting feedback, corrections and additions
and have another 30 surnames which I was not aware of.
Several Ph.D. candidates drew my attention to surnames
of Polish and Galician Jews who lived in Cairo. Thus,I
decided to post the link here with the hope that you'll
look at the methodology and the names and come up with


Regards and thanks >from rainy Jerusalem

Jacob Rosen

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