seeking help planning visit to Lublin and maybe Chelm #poland

Paula & David

I am in the early stages of planning a trip next spring to Eastern
Europe, and considering adding a couple of days in Poland to visit the
area where my mother was born (Chelm). My online research seems to
indicate that there are a number of sites significant to the past Jewish
community to see in Lublin, but it is not clear what may remain to see
in Chelm. I have two old family addresses in Chelm, but with the aid
of Google maps I can see that there is a store at one of the locations
and open land at the other.

I am wondering if anyone who has traveled to these two locations can let
me know a bit more about their experiences so I can make a more informed
decision about whether to go to one or both.

Also, though I have one lead, if you know the name of a local guide to
recommend, or any other local travel recommendations, that would be

Thanks, Paula Solomon

researching Flaksman family >from Chelm.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately with any recommendations
for guides.

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