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Leah Kushner

Hi All

I have been planning a 10-day Jewish heritage trip to Poland for
almost a year now. The trip begins this April. We are working with a
Krakow genealogist with a degree in Jewish Polish history. I put
together the itinerary. We are having Shabbat with the local Krakow
JCC. It is a small group of 14 >from Santa Cruz. We are traveling
with a Rabbi.

I would like to talk to anyone who has traveled to Poland as I
have some logistical questions about the shtetl's we are
visiting, synagogues, cemeteries, and some questions about
restaurants, Klezmer, etc. Please write me privately. Also if
anyone is interested in joining us please write me privately as well.
Most of the people traveling have Polish roots.

Leah Kushner
Santa Cruz, CA

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