Publication of the Memorial Book of Kobylnik (Narach, Belarus) #poland

Joel Alpert

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project is pleased to announce its 86th
title: Memorial Book of Kobylnik (Narach, Belarus) , Translation of
Sefer Kobylnik

Original Yizkor Book Edited by Yitzhak Siegelman
Published in Haifa, 1967 in Hebrew and Yiddish
By Committee of Former Residents of Kobylnik in Israel

Hard Cover, 11" by 8.5", 394 pages with all original illustrations and
The Memorial Book of Kobylnik was written by former residents of
Kobylnik Belarus. Some who left the town before the war wrote articles
and essays about the rich Jewish life in town: the people, the
dreamers, the doers, the ultra-religious, the secular, the Zionists,
the socialists.0The various institutions in town, the charities and
the help societies for the needy.

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Located at 54 deg 56 North Latitude and 26 deg 41 East
Longitude 80 miles NNW of Minsk
Alternate names: Narach [Belarussian, since 1964], Kobylnik [Russian,
Polish, until 1964], Kobilnik [Yiddish], Kabylnik [Belarussian, until
1964], Kobilniki, Naracz [Polish, since 1964], Naroch' [Russian, since
1964], Narac [Belarussian], Narocius [Lithuanian], Narutch

Nearby Jewish communities:

* Myadzyel 11 miles ESE

* Svir 13 miles WSW

* Pastavy 14 miles NNE

* Adutiskis, Lithuania 15 miles NNW

* Lyntupy 17 miles WNW

* Stajetiske, Lithuania 18 miles NNW

* Mikhalishki 22 miles WSW

* Dunilavicy 24 miles

* Mielagenai, Lithuania 24 miles NNW

* Svencionys, Lithuania 25 miles NW

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