Keidan Records Appeal -- Update #lithuania

Ada Greenblatt <ada.Greenblatt@...>

My GRUSKIN and LISSON co-researcher Diane Rabson writes:

I will be sending a check shortly to Peggy Freedman for $50.00 to help
us obtain the revision lists!
Diane Rabson
Boulder, Colorado

Dear Diane,

Thank you very much for your donation, which just so happens to bring us to
the $1,000 mark. We are more than halfway towards our goal, which is
fantastic in such a short period of time.

Diane, when I get a chance I will get back to you privately in more detail
about my most recent LISSON research, one of the two surnames >from today's
Keidan district that we share in common. I would like to say here though
that on my trip to Israel this past October, I met with a woman whose late
husband, Joseph LISSON, was born in Vandziogala, Lithuania (in the Kovno
district). She confirmed for me what I had already suspected, that the
LISSON's had roots in both Vandziogala and Seta, just like my GREENBLATT's,
which gave me even more reason to believe that my GREENBLATT great great
grandmother's maiden name was LISSON. Since I know that your LISSON's are
from Keidan and I have also recently found out that I may be related to the
Keidan GREENBLATT's, I asked Mrs. LISSON if there were LISSON's >from Keidan
too. She responded yes, that some LISSON's lived in a little village near
Keidan called Zagovich. Do any Keidan SIG members know where this town is
located? -- I don't see it on a current detailed map of Lithuania.

Diane, I also know that some of your LISSON's lived in Syracuse, NY. Mrs.
LISSON of Israel informed me that her husband's brother settled in
Syracuse, NY and changed his name >from LISSON to LYON. I'll tell you more
about this privately. A third brother was the LISSON buried in the
Vandziogala Jewish Cemetery, whose tombstone picture I once sent you.

Finally and most important, if I recall correctly, the Kaunas archives has
informed me within the past year that no one with the name LISSON appears
on the 1874 Vandziogala Family List (although I would need to check my
correspondence to confirm that). Nor does the surname appear on the 1877
Seta box tax list (although both LISSON and GREENBLATT became citizens of
Seta at a later date). So let's hope that for both your sake and mine,
that LISSON does appear on the 1874 Keidan Family List!

I related this LISSON story publicly in the spirit of inspiring other
potential Keidan list contributors as well.

Ada Greenblatt

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