Re: Introduction #galicia

AVI LISHOWER <lishower@...>

hello Monty
i am >from israel
and mad a intensive research in the vilnius archive=20
i reveal recently my mother ancester is >from keidan at list sins 1745
if you want further information please reply to me

best regad
avi lishower

From: Monty Starr <>
To: Keidan SIG <>
Subject: Introduction
Date: =E9=E5=ED =F8=E1=E9=F2=E9 17 =F4=E1=F8=E5=E0=F8 1999 20:48

Monty Starr, Birmingham, England
Both my parents were Keidaners and came over in 1924,my father, and 1925,
my mother and sister.
The respective family names were Strasunsky and Schneider. Two of my
father's young nephews survived because they were away at scout camp and
went with the Russians and now live in Israel. Two of my mother's brother=
survived in the Lithuanian Jewish army unit, Moshe and Tevye. Moshe
remained in Vilnius and Tevye is alive and living in Rehovot.
If any one has made use of the Keidan archive in Vilnius I should be
pleased to hear about it.
I look forward to joining your circle.

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