Bialystok to Argentina #poland

David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

Based on research on my wife's family >from Bialystok, part of the family
immigrated to the US and another part immigrated to Argentina. >from my
correspondence with people in Buenos Aires, this situation was true in many

It should also be noted that some of these same people who went to Argentina
in the early 1900's immigrated again to the US, Canada, and Israel.

I share this information so that those of your who are not far along on your
research might expand the scope and look in different areas. There was a
posting on the JewishGen discussion group about a website for
telephone/address look ups in an on line Argentina telephone directory.
There is no soundex or D/M option, so be sure to check different spelling
variations of your surnames. Perhaps one of the discussion group members
from Argentina can post the URL for the telephone directory.
Happy hunting!

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