Porozow Site #poland

Scott D. Seligman <heyscott@...>

I'm proud to announce the inauguration of the Porozow shtetl website,
located at www.porozow.com. Porozow was one of Bialystok's satellite towns
until it found itself on the Belarus side of the border after World War II.
In fact, my grandmother and great aunt used to walk >from there to Bialystok,
where they had relatives.

The site includes a translation of the Porozow chapter >from the Wolkowysker
Yizkor Book, a description of Porozow in the early 1900s, photographs of
graves in the Porozower section of Old Montefiore Cemetery in New York,
translations of the Porozow listings in Polish reference works and a
translation of the pages relevant to Porozow >from the Soviet Special State
Commission for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes report.

It also has a more-or-less comprehensive list of Ellis Island arrivals from
Porozow, pages of testimony >from Yad Vashem written on behalf of Porozow
victims and contemporary photos and historical maps of Porozow.

I hope the site will continue to grow and flourish as additional materials
become available. Please write me privately if you wish to share any new
material or comments and corrections.

Scott Seligman

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