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Wow, with such good fortune on the Kizelstein side of my family, I'm
trying again.

1. Joseph KIZELSTEIN (b. about 1870) married Lena PAWA, whose sisters
were Yetta and Sarah and one other. Lena was born about 1873 and
emigrated about 1886 or 1888. The PAWA family and Kizelstein family
were >from the same area, as was Yetta's husband, Aaron Davis
Finklestein, whose original name was reportedly DUNBEK or DUBEK. Yetta
had seven children (I know their names) including Max, who married
Ruby, who was related to a woman named Helena RUBENSTEIN.

2. My recently late grandmother said that her parents' hometown was
"Vugge," Poland (that's how it sounded)--spelled something like
"Logzski"--a border town with the Russian border, wherever it was circa
1895. These fragments don't add up to anything for me . . . any help=
on the town? Could she possibly have meant as far away as Lodz?

According to her story, they immigrated >from there about 1895. Her
father was Joseph or Jacob YATKOWSKI. Her mother was Nellie RAVINISH
or (as my parents once recorded) KANTROWITZ. One of her parents had
two sisters, Mary (married a man named Israel) and Rachel.

Joseph/Jacob and Nellie had several children in New York, including
Sadie/Sadye, who married Charles DURBEN.

Thanks again for any info on the town or these surnames.

Adam Kissel

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