Lew Goldfarb #lithuania

Archie <archt@...>

Shalom Monty,
I am on the Keidan Mailing List and therefore see a lot of your postings,
but I am not all that active there.
Anyway why Im writing to you is that Lew Goldfarb cc'd an email to me about
Jacob Goldfarb.
I am distantly related to Rochel-Leah nee Zlotnick Goldfarb, who apparently
was the second wife of Josel Ytzhak Goldfarb. The Vilna Archives show that
she had three sons, Chaim, Chonel and Orel.
My problem is that my mom (Living in South Africa - 94 years old) remembers
In the late 1950's, she visited Rochel-Leahs son Jacob in Argantine. From
This Jacob, Iv managed to locate family in Israel!!!
So besides my mom, I cannot link Jacob as a son to Rochel-Leah. MAYBE he was
a son >from her previous marriage. Can you, in anyway help out.


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