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Last May you sent me some very interesting comments regarding the
restoration project in Keidan. I'd like to resume that discussion. Are you
back in the States now, and can I call you? Please send along a phone no.
and a convenient time for me to call.


Andrew Cassel

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Thanks for your comments. Mr. Zirgulis seemed very anxious to reestablish
contact with you personally, especially since he is now on e-mail. Since he
has limited web-access, though, he asked if one of us might print out all of
the material on the Keidan website and send it to him in hard copy. He has
an impressive architectural rendering of the proposed synagogue complex,
which I am sure he will share with you if you write or email him. I took
pictures of the synagogues with the new rooves, and I will be happy to give
them to you for the website. There is also a book in English available on
Kedainiai and I will share the title (when I get home, it's not handy now).
It gives a good general history with photos and old drawings and an overview
of the contemporary town, including maps.
Regina Kopilevich plans to be in Salt Lake City and will also be visiting
Washington DC, if not other cities. I will ask her for more details of her
trip when I see her tonight.
Eric Goldstein
writing >from Vilnius

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