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Dear friends of Keidan,

My name is Arnold Polatinsky (arnoldp@bezeqint.net).

I am looking to make contact with any family member or friend of the the
My late grandparents lived in or near KEIDAN . They could have lived in
Shatt or on a farm in
Podburka (spelling???).

My grandfathers name was Avraham ben Elihahu and my grandmothers name
was Rachel bat Dov. (maiden name Shapiro),both buried in the MAGDIEL
cemetery Israel.

They had the following children:

Elihahu ben Avraham (my late father)
Zalman Gershon ben Avraham - (my late uncle)
Menachem Mendel ben Avraham (my late uncle)
Anna (Chana) bat Avraham (my late aunt)
Dov ben Avraham (my late uncle)

Elihahu (Alec) and Zalmon (Solly) emigrated to South Africa in the
1920's and had a general dealers store in Kestell OFS.
Mendel landed up in Johannesburg after leaving Malanspost in OFS.
Anna married Yaacov Dubitsky (spelling??) and left for USA during WW2.
Dov the youngest came to Israel with my grandparents in 1927/28.Dov
later left Israel to study in Italy where he qualified as a doctor and
lived there intill his death .Dov spelled his name PALATINSKY.

Other relatives names were Shapiro (Abe of the Lion Trading company in
Johannesburg- brother to my grandmother Rachel),and the Kaplan
family.(Berka who lived near Johannesburg)

I am hoping that there is someone with some / any information concerning
my family.

Also if someone could suggest some data bases I could look at for
futher information it would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Arnold Polatinsky

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