Need help: handwriting from Dapey Ed #poland

Itta'i Malbin <malbin@...>

While searching "Dapey Ed" in Yad Vashem, I found interesting information.
According to my great-uncle testimony >from 1957, his parents and brothers
weren't born in Bialystok.

The problem is the handwriting - I'm not sure about the birth place (or
places). it could be WASILKOW, WASILKOWKA, WASILOWKA or other place sound

Back in 1957, people >from Yad Vashem were asking survivors and write down
the testimony - so it could be a result of hearing the right name.
I put scan of the Dapey Ed, hoping someone could help me understanding:


Searching: BIALY, EJDERMAN, KOPELMAN, VELINSKI - Bialystok, Poland

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