Re: Mirski letters #poland

Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>


I got an email >from the grandson of Rabbi Mirski the last Rabbi of
Zabludow who lives in Haifa. I'm very pleased that I found him, and that
I can give him the "Mirski" letters. For your interest this is what he
wrote me below.


Mr. Bartman


I have got your e mail and was very excited. As you know my name is
after my grand father that was killed in the Shoa. The history of the
family is close to my heart. My mother that was born in 1911 is living
in Haifa . I have a wife and five children. My brother and my sister
have also familis and children.
I wish to hear more >from you. and I can send you scanned photos >from

Thank you
wish to see you

Yohanan Mirski

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