more from my visit in bialystok #poland

yael halamchi <m44w33@...>

In my last massge about my visit in bialystok i forgeat to remined the
bialystok local libary whos near the archive,they have the bialystok
business guide >from 1929 that incloding many jewish names.
when you going out >from the archive you going left passing a big church
crossing the road stright into a white buliding,in the libary office you
will find one woman with a short hair whos speaks einglish shes very
helpful,generally all the libary staff was very helpful.
yael halacmi
resarch:strenfeld,finstion and boyarski >from bialystok

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Those researchers unable to travel to Bialystok can
find the 1929 Business Directory linked >from the Jewish Records Indexing-
Poland home page at You can search the town index
for Bialystok and then see images of the pages >from the directory.

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